Lucky is a wonderful read. Danielle shares her personal stories and solid advice about how fear can take over your mind, and your life, and how courage plays a huge role in overcoming those things that are holding you back. Her easy writing style helps to illustrate complex thoughts in a simple way. It’s inspiring, and I look forward to implementing her ideas, advice and exercises to push through some of my own fears. Pick up this book. It’s a great addition to your self-help collection. Well done, Danielle! 

Tracey D'Aviero

Your VA Mentor

Your book has made me realize that there are still some fears that I haven’t conquered yet. Awesome! 🙂 By recognizing them I can now move forward.

Thank you, thank you!!!

Jackie L. Delahaye


I read your book and it is EXCELLENT! You have a human, humble, strong and inspiring way of communicating your message. Thank you for challenging yourself: we get to benefit from it.

Francine Provost

EKIP Training and Consulting